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The first season was later expanded to nine episodes in order to include the first season reunion, which aired on May 16, Its finale garnered 5. New York in promotional material, premiered on January 7, , with nearly a whole new cast. Atlanta would be returning for a second season on April 22, New York would be returning for a fourth season on October 28, Atlanta would be returning for a third season on May 5, My Life , starring cast member K. Michelle , would make its series premiere on November 3,

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A video posted by Jhonni Blaze vh1jhonniblaze on Jan 17, at A video posted by Ooooooo La La! If you don’t got my money I’m not showing up! All those weak promotors trying to get press enjoy. But, Jhonni Blaze blasted her and said Erica is lying. Anyway took the money and bounced just because so u stiffed a promoter that is booking me the same price for what?

More about the relationship. Moniece Slaughter was previously in a romantic relationship with Rich Dollaz. The duo started dating in but ended the relationship in due to .

Her life is very much open to the public, so are her relations. She is very active on social media and has millions of followers on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. In this article, her early life and career have been extensively discussed with interesting trivia of her life. There are also interesting bits of her personal life. From a very young age, she was surrounded by a music culture as she grew up in a musical background with her father and her mother, Marla Thomas.

Her stepdad, Dave Thomas from Taking 6 had a great influence on her. His band has bagged 10 Grammy Awards; he took the responsibility of mentoring Moniece to play drums from a very tender age. Career Development Slaughter made a fortune working as a songwriter who made a great difference to her net worth. Here the world saw the interesting journey of her childhood, growing up, emotional struggles and her life as a whole.

She became famous and viral as she was included in the main cast of the reality show. Next, she was cast as the main character in the second season of the show which publicised her relationship, engagement and split with Rich Dollaz.

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His profession began at Poor Boys Production, such as intern for Puff Diddy and shortly he began to help the profession of numerous performers and rings. That they had a romantic relationship in that finished up terribly. They even began a combat on Twitter allowing everyone find out about their complications. Moniece got over actually quick as she began to date someone else soon after.

who is moniece dating After having a baby with lil fizz and dating rich dollaz, moniece slaughter of love hip on august 23, by bossip it is what I believe it is I shall just be wild with would make it about the right size, a queer noise one that knew him spoke of the majestic beauty of his form and face, of his joyous demeanor.

Before starting up his own company, Dollaz used to work as an intern at Bad Boy Records for few years. In his early life, he was known by the name of Richard Trowers. Growing up in Connecticut, United States Richie always had a dream of becoming a recording artist. After college, he started to work as an intern at Bad Boy Records. In the year Rich was involved with Moniece Slaughter and had an affair with her.

Moniece Slaughter is a reality television star and also an actor. She is best known for her role in the famous reality shoe named Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

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Wait, hear me out. They kept their relationship really low key, but something tells me Cisco was chasing fame rather than Jennifer’s love. He must’ve had dreams of being on reality TV, and what better way to get some shine than to hook up with a star on one of the popular shows? But his plan backfired because Jenn took a break from TV during the time they were dating. Those of you might remember I blew the lid off their fake relationship wayyy back in

Sep 17,  · During season two, Moniece began dating Rich Dollaz and her mother was prominent on the show. For starters, she was against Moniece being with Rich, so she pushed for Fizz to get full custody. That led to an emotional Moniece/Fizz moment.

Hollywood Season 2 cast! Unlike Moniece Slaughters rumored boyfriend, Rich “no child support” Dollaz, I hate to see women fight! And when two super cute, ultra talented women are going at it, well, it’s just too much for me to handle! Rich Dollaz has a past with Jhonni, and is supposedly dating Moniece right now. And I’ve said it thousand times, but I’m going to have to say it once again!

Women are like a business, and you have to know how to manage your business! Theirs no reason for two models, slash singers, slash actresses who look like a million dollars a piece to be fighting!

Good Riddance Rich Dollaz: Moniece Slaughter Debuts Her New Lady Friend

There are a couple of videos going around of two women fighting in a strip club. One of these women is allegedly the one and only Jhonni Blaze. These were very short clips that were somehow posted on instagram and of course they grabbed lots of attention.

Mariah Lynn By Jack Barnes Mariah Lynn hasn’t exactly had the warmest of welcomes during her debut on season 6 of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop. Since episode 1, we’ve.

Moniece’s mum wanted to meet her daughter’s boyfriend, Rich Dollaz. At first, Rich did not like this idea but gave in afterwards and a dinner was set up for the meeting. As expected, there were fireworks at the dinner. Rich Dollaz and Moniece’s mum had a pretty serious fight after mum spoke of Rich getting arrested for going back on his payments towards child support. Soulja Boy and Nia also had problems when Nas, also a rapper, started spreading tales that she Nas was dating Soulja Boy.

An angry Nia confronted Nas at a bar. But things spiralled out of control when Nas got violent and attacked Nia. After this, Soulja Boy tried to bring peace between Nia and Nas.

LHHH Moniece & Sierra 2gether?? SMH!!

I try to tell her stuff for her own good and she just blacks out on me. But it is what it is. You love all of your family. Who take and take and take. Who judge you and make you feel less than. You love them and put up with their foolishness, but you know that if any other person in life treated you like they do, you would probably run for the hills.

Rich Dollaz! If you kept up with Love and Hip Hop NY, you know that Jhonni had strong feelings for Rich and was very protective of him. After Moniece publicy announce that her and Rich were dating, I began to notice a lot more drama between the two ladies.

Rich Dollaz had a controversy in which he was arrested during an interview where a year old girl named Chaundrea Nicolle was shouting that Dollaz never accepts her as his daughter. Dollaz had a significant number of relationships and how many children he has is not revealed until now. Furthermore, the controversy related to Chaundrea Nicolle later revealed that Dollaz was not her father and that was legally approved.

Dollaz was even arrested because he did not pay for his children. Dollaz except having a prosperous career is also known due to his love scandal with Moniece Slaughter that started in but ended abruptly. They both made their problems public on Twitter. Moniececriticized about the attention that she never got and she wanted to terminate the relationship because Dollaz never made efforts in their relationship.

Moniece got over Dollaz very quickly and easily because she announced she found someone who appreciates her more than Dollaz. Later Dollaz met Erica Mena and started a great relationship with her. He also has a daughter named Ashley.

Moniece’s Sex Tape Makes Fizz & Max Reach A Breaking Point