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Computer Programs Marine Reservoir Correction. Radiocarbon ages of samples formed in the ocean, such as shells, fish, marine mammals etc. This apparent age difference is due to the large carbon reservoir of the oceans. A correction is necessary in order to compare marine and terrestrial samples, but because of complexities in ocean circulation the actual correction varies with location. The marine reservoir correction database presented here is intended for use with radiocarbon calibration programs such as CALIB Stuiver and Reimer, or OxCal Bronk Ramsey using the marine calibration dataset. Users can view and make maps and compute estimates for the Marine Radiocarbon Reservoir Age of the surface ocean based on model and measured radiocarbon reservoir age estimates.

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Because of this, Oldenburg is connected to the nationwide network of federal autobahns, as well as to the international E-road network German: It serves to small aircraft private planes, gliders, balloons, and helicopters. A flight training school is also located there, and small planes can be chartered. Scenic flights can be booked as well.

Oct 17,  · She showed us the University of Groningen, founded in , which is a major part of the city center with buildings dating from its early years. We wandered the downtown streets filled with Saturday shoppers, and I was surprised at all the variety of stores and the high-end feel apparent in .

See who makes the list—The Best Universities in the World! But if the focus is on academic prestige, scholarly excellence, and intellectual horsepower, this article provides the ranking you want. This center specializes in ranking universities around the world by academic performance. The Most Top Universities, Period: How do American universities stack up against the competition overseas? Next to each university in our ranking is the country where the university resides.

Of the top ten universities in the world, the top eight are in the United States. Most of the Ivy League schools are on the list. Also, most of the University of California campuses are on this list as well. Other interesting patterns emerge when looking at this list as a whole. Denmark ranks second per capita with two universities from our list. Sweden, with three listed universities, ranks third per capita; Israel, fourth; and Holland, fifth. New York, London, and Paris tie as the cities with the highest concentration of top universities, with three represented universities in each city.

Munich, Germany, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, tied for fourth, housing two universities each from our list.

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Groningen Old Town Share: With its numerous bike- and people-friendly pathways and old squares, Old Town Groningen is a delightful place to explore. Highlights of a walking or cycling tour of the city’s historic core include the magnificent early 19th-century Neoclassical Town Hall Stadhuis in the Grote Markt, and the superb Renaissance Gold Office Goudkantoor built in Also of interest is the Neo-Renaissance Provinciehuis, the seat of the provincial government.

Notable interior features are the Hall of the States Statenzaal with its fine portraits from the 17th century, and the wood paneling and timber vaulting from Just 38 kilometers northwest of Groningen on the North Sea coast is Lauwersmeer National Park, one of the country’s most popular recreational and conservation areas.

1. Holland and the Netherlands are not synonymous. Holland is just one section of the Netherlands, largely the western coastal region, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and the Hague. However, other famous Dutch cities like Utrecht, Groningen, Maastricht, Den Bosch and Leeuwarden are *not* in Holland. 2. The Dutch love sprinkles on toast.

Hunebedden are chamber tombs similar to dolmens and date to the middle Neolithic Funnelbeaker culture , 4th millennium BC. They consist of a kerb surrounding an oval mound, which covered a rectangular chamber of stones with the entrance on one of the long sides. Some have a more complex layout and include an entrance passage giving them a T-shape.

Various menhirs and dolmens are located around the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo. In Ireland, most dolmens are found on the west coast, particularly in Connemara and the Burren , which includes some of the better-known examples, such as Poulnabrone dolmen. Examples such as the Annadorn dolmen have also been found in Northern Ireland , where they may have co-existed with the court cairn tombs.

The boulders were used in construction and road building. Others, such as the Harhoog , in Sylt , were moved to new locations. There are still many thousands left today in Europe. By , all the hunebedden in the Netherlands were put in a 3D atlas accessible to the public for free using photogrammetry. The data was obtained from a collaboration between the Province of Drenthe and the University of Groningen , subsidized by the Gratama Foundation.

There are interesting dolmens in the regions related to the Sakar and Rhodope and Strandzha Mountains in Bulgaria. The term Houge derives from the Old Norse word haugr, meaning a mound or barrow. The most famous of these sites is La Hougue Bie , a 6, year-old neolithic site that sits inside a large mound; later a chapel was built on the top of the mound.

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Preaspiration in Shetland Norn The Shetland dialect of Scots does not contain preaspiration, a phonetic areal feature that is ot This article provides a contact-based explanation of the gradual disappearance of preaspiration from Shetland. The proposed trajectory of change is made up of a series of language and dialect contact-induced sub-changes and reflects the influence of Norn as well as of successive waves of immigration from the Scottish mainland.

In a later stage, dialect contact after renewed immigration from the Scottish mainland caused voiceless stops to be unaspirated, removing the phonetic basis for preaspiration also in the remaining contexts.

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The subjects are Romanian Language and Literature and Mathematics and additionally the language of the school for ethnic minority schools or classes and for bi-lingual schools. The passing mark is 5 for each of the exams. Despite the exams are being published and the marks are public, lists being placed both in schools and on the Internet. After the 8th grade, students go to secondary education, for at least two years. Various types of vocational schools exist in Romania for students who do not have a sufficiently high grade to enter academic high school, because the first two years of secondary education are compulsory.

A national computer system does the repartition, by taking into account students in the order of their preferences and their “admission grade”. Thus, somebody with a 9. However, based on this system, the last admission averages for some prestigious high schools are over 9. There are five types of high schools in Romania allowing access to university, based on the type of education offered and their academic performance.

All of these allow for a high school diploma, access to the Bacalaureat exam and therefore access to University studies. Unlike the Swedish or French systems, the choice of high school curriculum does not limit the choices for university. However, because of the subjects taught, the quality of education and the requirements for admission in universities, artificial barriers may appear: But there is no formal limitation:

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Previous Next The University of Groningen has a rich academic tradition dating back to From this tradition arose the first female student and the first female lecturer in the Netherlands, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Central Bank. Geographically, the University is rooted in the Northern part of the Netherlands, a region very close to its heart.

The University provides high quality education and research in a broad range of disciplines, focusing on three key elements:

English; Deutsch; Close. Are you looking for.. s residents, the well-being of their cattle was a matter of life and death. Images of faces, clay dolls for example, dating from this period were found occasionally in the coastal areas in the north of the Netherlands, but this mask is unique. This rare piece of men’s jewellery is in the.

Dutch bicycle parts and accessories: Assen and Groningen Cycling Study Tours Since , many hundreds of transport planners, campaigners, cycling co-ordinators, politicians and interested individuals have learnt about cycling and infrastructure for cycling in the Netherlands on our cycling Study Tours. We are native English speakers and our tours are in the English language.

They take place in two Northern Dutch cities, Assen and Groningen. These locations boast some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world. Assen is the capital of the “Cycling Province” of the Netherlands, Drenthe. Though this city does not have a university to boost cycling numbers, more journeys are made by bicycle here than by any other single mode of transport: In three days of Study Tour you benefit from years of our experience.

In this short time we take you to the right places to see a wide range of different aspects of design.

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Splendid prehistoric cave paintings, the dating of which led to heated debate among archaeologists. Carbon dating of the charcoal drawings by a French research laboratory indicated that the figures had to be some 30, to 32, years old, making them the oldest known cave paintings — twice as old as those in the famous Lascaux cave. In his view, the aesthetic quality of the drawings unmistakably shows that they must be much more recent.

Brown beer café in a building dating from Its Saturday closing time is the latest I’ve ever seen for a Dutch pub. Dutch Pub Guide: Groningen: Damsterdammetje: Damsterdiep 2/1, SK Groningen. Tel. – The equivalent name in English of this pub would be the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary. Not that snappy, is it? De.

From this tradition arose the first female student and the first female lecturer in the Netherlands, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Central Bank. Geographically, the University is rooted in the Northern part of the Netherlands, a region very close to its heart. The University provides high quality education and research in a broad range of disciplines, focusing on three key elements: Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society. Collaborations between researchers on the frontiers of knowledge take place within extensive networks.

In addition, the University of Groningen stimulates current debate on scientific, social and cultural issues by providing convincing perspectives and fresh ideas, based on the latest scientific findings. Education and research at are internationally oriented.

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