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Deepak K July 1, If you are an avid traveler who travels by air often, then you would have surely heard about layover. Mind you, layovers are not that pretty. But what if you have to spend a layover in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport? Easily one of the largest and the busiest airports in the world, Charles de Gaulle Airport can be intimidating, especially when you see it for the first time. But with simple planning and presence of mind, you can make your layover in Paris an unforgettable experience. Here is one easy way to plan your trip. Key things to know before spending a layover in Paris:

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Few hours in Zurich Apr 14, , 2: Also the town of Zurich is pretty compact so that even with only a few hours you will be able to see a good part of it. With your early arrival, the city will be somewhat dead at the beginning as most shops open at around 9 or 10 am. In your case I recommend the following route: Walk a short part along famous Bahnhofstrasse , which starts just opposite of the train station.

After a few blocks turn left diagonally into Rennweg, where old town begins.

Layovers can be pretty boring most of the time. But if are having a layover in Paris, you better make the most of it & turn into an unforgettable experience.

They are located mostly in South Jakarta, in malls or in the 5 stars hotels for the best ones. I wrote an article here: The most luxurious are inside large buildings called “one-stop entertainment complex”, with other facilities included the more often a hotel, a lounge, a club, a restaurant, a karaoke. Actually, they won’t consider it as cheating, but I will let you be your own judge. Are you looking for a hotel with a naughty spa inside? All these hotels can be booked on Agoda and they have famous massage parlours with extra service.

More information about girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta in my Jakarta Hotel Guide. Spas in Jakarta are hedonistic temples like you won’t find any in Europe or in the US, especially at those prices. When you pay for the massage, you are entitled to use the facilities of the spa, which typically include a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam room, a lounge, a gym, a swimming pool.

Some have more stuff, such as an oxygen room, a theatre with large screen, etc. The quality of the service, the cleanliness of the spa, the kind of massages provided, the number of facilities, the beauty of the masseuse, the price: There are many factors that can make your experience more enjoyable.

10 Tips to Make that Long Layover Worthwhile

Adventure Travel , England , Europe London is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world, and a very common airport for layovers. To really make use of your layover, try to have at least 6 hours. From those 6 hours you have, subtract This still leaves you with about 3. So what shall we do?

KLM is an airline that’s always trying to be at the forefront of creativity in customer service, from its Seatmates program that let passengers choose who they sit next to based on people’s.

Which is why, since I still had my valid schengen visa, I decided I would use this opportunity to explore a little in the city of love. It beats 7 hours in an airport anyway. With Singapore and Hong Kong being my other two favourite cities to explore on a layover, I was curious to see how Paris would match up.

But again, there are so many articles online talking about the challenges of traveling around Paris that it would put any sane person off luckily for you- I am not a sane panda. So off I went through venturing into Paris without a tour guide. So I keep it simple and use my mother tongue- English. I asked for help at many places and was given it- in English- by many people. And just so we are clear- there are a lot of tourist information places around that offer help even at 8am in the morning!

Getting around Paris is confusing and difficult I am not afraid to make the proclamation that- Western Europe is expensive. There was no way I was going to jump in a cab when I knew I could take the metro for a much smaller fee. So I decided I would navigate the Paris metro against the advice of all those smart people online in travel forums.

But here I am, having successfully used it to the maximum during my time in Paris.

Cairo Airport Layover Tour To Giza Pyramids With Private Guide Including Lunch

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Step 1: Figuring Out Where to Eat Now you can’t really do much in Guangzhou airport itself as far as finding good Chinese food. There is a restaurant in the Pullman Hotel, near the airport terminal, and the food there is said to be OK if a little expensive.

Waiting at Airport via Shutterstock A long layover feels twice as long when you’re at a dull airport. But if you happen to be somewhere with good local food, interesting shops, free Wi-Fi, and other pleasant diversions, passing the time before a flight can feel more like vacation and less like an unwelcome interruption. We’d also add that PDX prides itself on offering uniquely Oregon shops and restaurants, including some of Portland’s famous food carts and local breweries.

SAV Savannah has more fun with its airport than most cities, bringing a bit of Southern charm to the terminal. Its Savannah Square offers plenty of park benches under a high glass ceiling surrounded by shops. SFO It’s a good thing SFO is a comfortable airport because it regularly ranks high on the list of hubs with the most delays. Most of the terminals have a clean, modern, airy feel; the food is among the best of any airport anywhere; and free Wi-Fi and interesting shops help passengers pass the time happily.

KLM Matches Layover Passengers With Amsterdam Locals

Meeting someone new at the airport is fun and exciting. We’ve all thought about it while waiting for our flight. It’s a bit of adventure that adds spice to your everyday life.

KLM is an airline that’s always trying to be at the forefront of creativity in customer service, from its Seatmates program that let passengers choose who they sit next to based on people’s.

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Taking in Paris on a quick layover: 3 myths debunked

Breeze through immigration, find your driver, and you can be at the Amoy within an hour of landing. Get any variation of the set breakfast, which includes two barely-poached eggs stir in some soy sauce , thin toast best spread with kaya, a not-too-sweet coconut jam , and coffee or tea, both deliciously milked-up and sweetened unless you specify otherwise. Alternatively, head to the better-known Maxwell Center for Tian Tian Chicken Rice—poached chicken, rice cooked in chicken stock with ginger and lemongrass, and an unbeatable chili sauce.

Depends on your proclivities.

I recently booked a flight to Ireland from Abu Dhabi which included a 7 hour layover in Paris. 7 hours? That’s an awfully long time to spend in an airport.

Fortunately, LAX is within Uber distance to a multitude of unforgettable points of interest. Depending on the length of your layover assuming moderate traffic and a half-hour visit , here are five destinations for your family to check out: Venice Beach is known for its picturesque coastline and vibrant art scene, with plenty of intriguing vendors selling handmade crafts and souvenirs, as well as street performances by energetic dance groups, talented painters, and soulful musicians.

With its dynamic yet easygoing spirit, Venice Beach boasts an abundance of remarkable sights, sounds, and authentic restaurants to easily keep a family occupied for hours on end. In addition to being home to fresh produce, seafood, and meat vendors, this farmers market is particularly notable for its diverse selection of ethnic food stalls and sit-down eateries, as well as specialty dessert shops. Offering a movie theater, numerous restaurants, and apparel and novelty stores, Universal CityWalk has plenty of activities to entertain family members of all ages.

For longer layovers that may last half a day or more, it could be worthwhile to visit the renowned amusement park Universal Studios Hollywood , located right next to this shopping center. With delicious and inexpensive offerings—especially when compared to overpriced airport food—In-N-Out Burger is a solid choice for hungry families with a short layover.

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